RRML - Expression profiles of immunomodulatory genes in human solid tumors

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Concept, Design & Programming
Dr. Adrian Man

Nr. 19(1)/2011

Expression profiles of immunomodulatory genes in human solid tumors

Ildikó Mészáros, Tibor L. Krausz, Eva Fischer-Fodor, Szabolcs Lányi


Due to antigen recognition, effector and regulatory function, lymphocytes have pivotal function in many disease pathways. Immune response towards foreign or altered self antigens has a considerable complexity, the fine modulation of the immune response being delivered by the interaction between costimulatory molecules, on which the final outcome of the immune response depends. Evaluation of the expression profile of immunomodulatory genes and cytokines in cancer may clear some of this complexity. Hence we used a PCR screening method in order to assess mRNA presence and the quantity of relative genes in neoplastic pathologies. We proposed to establish standard “yes or no” condition to the PCR method in order to confer a semi-quantitative attribute to our PCR. We used primers for the following genes: GITR, GITRL, IL-2, CD25, CD28, CTLA-4, TGF β1, IL-18 and GAPDH, the latter one as internal control. We collected samples from patients with mammary, kidney, rectal, ovary and colonic solid tumors, from voluntary subjects and from patients with inflammatory pathology used as controls, isolated lymphocytes from blood and tissue, and extracted the total mRNA, followed by reverse transcription to cDNA. We confirmed quality and quantity of the total mRNA using GAPDH. We obtained results demonstrating that there are significant differences in the expression of these genes in the above mentioned patients compared to healthy subjects and inflammatory controls.

Keywords: gene expression,cancer,TGF β1,GITR,GITRL,CD28,CTLA-4,IL-2,IL-2Rα (CD25),IL-18

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Mészáros I, Krausz TL, Fischer-Fodor E, Lányi S. Expression profiles of immunomodulatory genes in human solid tumors. Rev Romana Med Lab. 2011;19(1):65-74