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Articles from Nr. 2(April)/2021
Published on 2021-04-08

  1. Research article
  Prognostic value of serum lactate dehydrogenase in hospitalized patients with Covid-19
    Vicente Aguadero, Elisa Nuez, Carlos García-Miralles, Gemma Sole-Enrech, Ruth Cano-Corres
  2. Research article
  The possibility of clinical use for the oxidative stress marker in correlation with blood flow parameters in pregnancy-induced hypertension
    Dragica Draganovic, Branka Cancarevic-Djajic, Dragica Jojic, Vesna Ljubojevic, Jelena Todorovic
  3. Research article
  Predictors associated with increased troponin in acute decompensated and chronic heart failure patients
    Anamaria Draghici, Catalin Adrian Buzea, Caterina Delcea, Ancuta Vijan, Gheorghe Andrei Dan
  4. Research article
  Evaluation of Plasma AA/DHA+EPA Ratio in Obese Romanian Children
    Adina Huțanu, Mihaela Zaharia, Lenard Farczadi, Ionela Maria Pașcanu, Raluca Monica Pop, Minodora Dobreanu
  5. Research article
  Reliability of Friedewald formula in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and its relation to lipid profile in diabetes regulation
    Didem Barlak Keti, Sabahattin Muhtaroglu
  6. Research article
  Investigation of Apoptotic and Inflammatory Activity in Liver Tissue of Rats Fed with Clam (Pecten maximus, Linnaeus 1758)
    Latife Ceyda İrkin
  7. Research article
  Vaginal candidiasis in Konya area: Etiology, risk factors, virulence patterns, and antifungal susceptibility
    Semih Tokak, İbrahim Halil Kılıç, Jule Eriç Horasanlı, Elif Gülbahçe Mutlu, Fatma Esenkaya Taşbent, Işık Didem Karagöz
  8. Research article
  Frequency, Distribution and Genotyping of Malassezia Species in Patients with Psoriasis vulgaris
    Ebru Celik, Nizami Duran, Didem Didar Balci, Asena Cigdem Dogramaci, Ozgur Pasa
  9. Case report
  Pseudohyponatremia and falsely increased serum osmolal gap caused by paraprotein in a patient with severe metabolic acidosis – a case study
    Tomáš Šálek
  10. Letter to the editor
  Prevalence of ∆F508 cystic fibrosis carriers in a Romanian population group
    Sergiu Nicolae Osan, Iona Hrapsa, Constantin Ionut Coroama, Diana Laura Miclea, Camelia Al-Khzouz, Calin Lazar, Marius Florin Farcas