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Articles from Nr. 3(July)/2019

  1. Editorial
  The Value of FLT3, NPM1 and DNMT3A Gene Mutation Analysis in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Diagnosis
    Claudia Bănescu, Cristina Skrypnyk
  2. Research article
  Simultaneous FLT3, NPM1 and DNMT3A mutations in adult patients with acute myeloid leukemia – case study
    Florin Tripon, George Andrei Crauciuc, Valeriu George Moldovan, Alina Bogliș, István Jr Benedek, Erzsébet Lázár, Claudia Bănescu
  3. Research article
  Mutational spectrum and genotype-phenotype relationships in a cohort of Romanian hereditary angioedema patients caused by C1 inhibitor deficiency
    Gabriella Gábos, Dumitru Moldovan, Daniela Dobru, Enikő Mihály, Noémi Bara, Valentin Nădășan, Adina Hutanu, Katalin Csép
  4. Research article
  Vascular impact of quercetin administration in association with moderate exercise training in experimental type 1 diabetes
    Irina Camelia Chis, Mihai Socaciu, Remus Moldovan, Simona Clichici
  5. Research article
  Magnesium isoglycyrrhizinate protects against concanavalin A-induced immunological liver injury in a mouse model
    Zhengyan Jiang, Liang Zheng
  6. Research article
  Cynomorium Songaricum may protect against spermatogenic damage caused by cyclophosphamide in SD rats
    Xiaoxiao Han, Rongsheng Zhou, Wei Zheng, Xitao Wang, Shuyan Mao, Zhenbei Li, Lin Hao, Zhenduo Shi, Bo Chen, Zhiguo Zhang, Yijuan Cao, Dianjun Yu, Kun Pang, Conghui Han
  7. Research article
  Antibacterial activity of selected snake venoms on pathogenic bacterial strains
    Francisc Andrei Boda, Anca Mare, Zoltán István Szabó, Lavinia Berta, Augustin Curticapean, Maria Dogaru, Adrian Man
  8. Research article
  Arising Prevalence of OXA-48 producer Escherichia coli and OXA-48 with NDM co-producer Klebsiella pneumoniae Strains
    Aylin Uskudar-Guclu, Mustafa Guney, Ali Korhan Sig, Selcuk Kilic, Mehmet Baysallar
  9. Research article
  Genotype comparison of Candida albicans isolates from different clinical samples
    Andra-Cristina Bostănaru, Irina Roșca, Bogdan Minea, Valentin Năstasă, Liliana Foia, Iosif Marincu, Mihai Mares, Ovidiu-Alexandru Mederle
  10. Letter to the editor
  Antiphospholipid syndrome – a life threatening condition
    Laura Elena Iliescu, Adriana Mercan-Stanciu, Letitia Toma, Simona Ioanitescu