RRML - D-dimers and ferritin: Expanding the diagnostic panel for cirrhotic ascites evaluation

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Dr. Adrian Man

Nr. 31(3)/2023 DOI:10.2478/rrlm-2023-0016

Research article

D-dimers and ferritin: Expanding the diagnostic panel for cirrhotic ascites evaluation

Petar Trifonov, Irena Ivanova, Deyan Jelev, Rosen Nikolov, Zahariy Krastev

Correspondence should be addressed to: Petar Trifonov


Objective: This study aimed to explore the diagnostic role of D-dimers and ferritin in ascitic fluid. We analyzed ascitic and blood samples from twenty cirrhotic patients, using the Child-Pugh classification to assess liver cirrhosis severity. Methods: Blood tests evaluated platelets, albumin, INR, fibrinogen, CRP, ferritin, and D-dimers, while ascitic fluid analysis incorporated total protein, albumin, LDH, cholesterol, leukocytes, with a focus on D-dimers and ferritin. Results: The results showed a significant positive correlation between ascitic D-dimers and ferritin concentrations and ascitic albumin, total protein, and cholesterol. A correlation was also observed between ascitic ferritin and LDH. These correlations suggest a potential relationship between D-dimers and ferritin levels, disease severity, and the local production of these markers. Conclusion: This study proposes that evaluating D-dimers and ferritin in ascitic fluid might reveal underlying inflammation, even when other inflammatory laboratory markers are normal. Our findings suggest that ascitic D-dimers and ferritin levels could offer valuable insights into inflammatory processes in ascitic fluid, potentially enhancing diagnostic and prognostic approaches for patients with ascites from liver cirrhosis or other causes. Further studies with larger and more diverse cohorts are needed to validate and extend our findings.

Keywords: ascites, D- dimers, ferritin, inflammatory markers, hemostasis

Received: 20.4.2023
Accepted: 22.5.2023
Published: 12.6.2023

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Trifonov P, Ivanova I, Jelev D, Nikolov R, Krastev Z. D-dimers and ferritin: Expanding the diagnostic panel for cirrhotic ascites evaluation. Rev Romana Med Lab. 2023;31(3):191-6. DOI:10.2478/rrlm-2023-0016