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Circulating amino acids as fin... 7
Values of serum PCT, suPAR com... 7
Validation of GOD / PAP method... 6
Evaluation of the impact of Co... 6
COVID-19 associated coagulopat... 6
Mutations in the KRAS gene as ... 6
VEGF-C and podoplanin, as biom... 5
Agreement between two diagnost... 4
Acquired Angioedema Due to C1 ... 4

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  1. Research article
  The Effect of Resveratrol on Sphingosine-1 and Oxidative/ Nitrosative Stress in an Experimental Heart Ischemia Reperfusion Model
    Seda Avnioglu, Meltem Güngör, Ergul Kurutas, Unal Ozturk, Ilter Demirhan, Sevgi Bakaris, Halil A. Velioglu, Seyda Cankaya, Burak Yulug
  2. Research article
  Expressions and clinical significance of interleukin-1β and cyclooxygenase-2 in serum and synovia of patients with gouty arthritis
    Gang Chen, Chenghao Xiang, Li Zou, Li Xu, Zhitao Cheng, Yong Liu
  3. Letter to the editor
  The evaluation of the preanalytical phase- a continuous challenge
    Oana R. Oprea, Bogdan Manescu, Imola1 Gyorfi
  4. Research article
  Association of C5a/C5aR pathway to activate ERK1/2 and p38 MAPK in acute kidney injury – a mouse model
    Zeying Zhang
  5. Research article
  The role of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio as an outcome predictor factor in acute appendicitis: a single medical center’s experience
    Bianca L Grigorescu, Bogdan Andrei Suciu, Irina Saplacan, Raluca S. Fodor, Septimiu Voidazan, Florentina C. Scarlat, Calin Molnar, Ioana Halmaciu
  6. Research article
  Effects of lactoferrin on osteogenic differentiation and related gene expressions of osteoblast precursor cells MC3T3-E1 under mechanical strain
    Jianfeng Sun, Xiaomeng Zhu, Mengke Ge, Chenchen Zhou, Yuyu Li
  7. Erratum
  Correction for: Acquired Angioedema Due to C1 Inhibitor Deficiency Caused by Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in a Patient with Myasthenia Gravis. Rev Romana Med Lab. 2021;29(4):453-6. DOI:10.2478/rrml-2021-0029
    Noémi Bara, Valentin Nadasan, Lilian Varga, Henriette Farkas
  8. Erratum
  Correction for: Values of serum PCT, suPAR combined with severity scores for evaluating prognosis of septic shock patients. Rev Romana Med Lab. 2021;29(4):395-402. DOI:10.2478/rrlm-2021-0034
    Wenxin Wang, Yingxin Jie, Jia Zhou
  9. Research article
  An insight into the fecal microbiota composition in Romanian patients with ankylosing spondylitis using high-throughput 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing
    Mihaela Oprea, Daniela Cristea, Sorin Dinu, Simona Adriana Ciontea, Violeta Claudia Bojinca, Denisa Predeteanu, Andra Rodica Balanescu, Codruta Romanita Usein
  10. Course notes
  Evaluation of iron replacement therapy efficiency using a complex panel of biomarkers
    Sándor Pál, Zsuzsanna Faust, Barbara Réger, Attila Miseta, Margit Varjú-Solymár, Enikő Nemes-Nagy, Mariana Cornelia Tilinca, Hussain Alizadeh