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Articles from Nr. 1(January)/2021
Published on 2021-01-15

  1. Review
  The Role of MiR-124 in Bladder Cancer – A Review of the Literature
    Costin Petcu, Catalin Baston, Emil Angelescu, Maria Mirela Iacob, Ileana Constantinescu, Ioanel Sinescu
  2. Research article
  Assessment on the influence of TLR4 and DNA repair genes in laryngeal cancer susceptibility: a selective examination in a Romanian case control study
    Corina Iulia Cornean, Violeta Necula, Marcel Cosgarea, Alma Aurelia Maniu, Andreea Catana
  3. Research article
  FLT3-ITD DNA allelic burden, but not mRNA levels, influences the biological characteristics of AML patients
    Dan S Soare, Eugen Radu, Ion Dumitru, Aurora Arghir, Cristina Enache, Horia Bumbea, Ana M Vlădăreanu
  4. Research article
  Molecular diagnostic of Ureaplasma urealyticum presence and tetracycline resistance in urine samples
    Mihaela Laura Vica, Horea Vladi Matei, Agnes Katona, Aida Puia, Cosmin Adrian Teodoru
  5. Research article
  Difficult to treat Proteeae strains in high risk Romanian hospital departments
    Corina Musuroi, Monica Licker, Maria Rus, Edward Seclaman, Delia Muntean, Silvana Vulpie, Luminita Baditoiu
  6. Research article
  The role of qSOFA score and biomarkers in assessing severity of community-acquired pneumonia in adults
    Raluca-Elena Tripon, Victor Cristea, Mihaela-Sorina Lupse
  7. Short communication
  Predictive Value of Neutrophil Count for Postoperative Complications in Children after Surgery of Perforated Appendicitis
    Vesna Marjanovic, Ivana Budic, Ljubinka Jankovic-Velickovic, Marija Stevic, Milos Kostic, Dusica Simic
  8. Short communication
  The positive rate of IgM and IgG antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 is similar in severe and non-severe COVID-19 patients
    Nan Jiang, Yaoyao Sun, Hongyan Sun, Bo Yang, Juan Tan, Huan Sun, Shuai Wang, Qiong Yu
  9. Research article
  Extended panel of biomarkers for long term monitoring of effectiveness of 3 direct antiviral regimen in HCV genotype 1b infection: results from a Romanian infectious disease hospital
    Ioana-Alina Harja-Alexa, Luca Catalina Mihaela, Carmen Doina Manciuc, Andrei Vata, Aida Badescu, Mihnea-Eudoxiu Hurmuzache, Alexandra Mirela Ciocan, Ioana Maria Hunea, Luminita-Smaranda Iancu
  10. Case series
  Rapid loss of HBs antigen in patients with HBV reactivation and high level of transaminases during immunosuppressive therapy - case series
    Violeta Molagic, Cristina Popescu, Catalin Tiliscan, Victoria Arama, Stefan Sorin Arama