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Dr. Adrian Man


Articles from Nr. 4(October)/2019

  1. Editorial
  Genetic testing in pediatrics - a narrative essay of challenges and possibilities in Romania
    Carmen Duicu
  2. Research article
  The influence of hemodialysis on FibroTest parameters
    Olga Hilda Orasan, Iulia Breaban, Andreea Maria Stefan, Adela Sitar-Taut, Sorina Cezara Coste, Ioan Alexandru Minciuna, Teodora Alexescu, Angela Cozma, Laura Urian, Remus Aurel Orasan
  3. Research article
  Hemolysis has no influence on routine coagulation tests in subjects without anticoagulant therapy - a referral Romanian emergency hospital laboratory experience
    Elena Binzari, Mihaela Zaharia, Stefan Barbu, Oana Roxana Oprea, Minodora Dobreanu
  4. Research article
  The evaluation of the reverse algorithm for syphilis screening in blood donors
    Rukiye Berkem, Ayşe Esra Karakoç
  5. Research article
  Acute effects of recreational soccer on inflammatory response and cardiac and skeletal muscle damage indicators
    Alper Aslan, Yasar Salcı, Bilal Bicer, Nazan Savas, Nizami Duran
  6. Research article
  The angiotensinogen gene polymorphism, lifestyle factors, associated diseases and gastric areas of inflammatory and preneoplastic lesions in a Romanian sample of patients
    Mădălina Anciuc, Florin Tripon, George-Andrei Crauciuc, Simona Mocan, Anca Negovan
  7. Research article
  Is there a correlation between GAD2 gene -243 A>G polymorphism and obesity?
    Camelia Alkhzouz, Diana Miclea, Marius Farcas, Simona Bucerzan, Georgiana Cabau, Radu Anghel Popp
  8. Case report
  A chronic hepatitis B patient infected with HBsAg diagnostic-escape strain in the presence of anti-HBs positivity
    Serkan Aydemir, Mustafa Taner Yildirmak, Murat Sayan, Süheyla Atak, Mehmet Kucuk
  9. Letter to the editor
  Undetectable hemoglobin in a patient with chronic uterine bleeding
    Nicolae Gica, Natalia Darii Plopa, Ruxandra Cigaran, Corina Mat, Anca Maria Panaitescu, Gheorghe Peltecu, Paul Balanescu
  10. Course notes
  Exploring eponyms in a corpus of medical articles. Origins and meanings
    Adrian Năznean