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Dr. Adrian Man


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  1. Research article
  The frequency of shiga-like toxin (stx1 and stx2) and EHEC-hlyA in food by multiplex PCR
    Cansu Onlen, Nizami Duran, Suphi Bayraktar, Emrah Ay, Burçin Ozer
  2. Research article
  Comparison of virulence factors and antibiotic resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from patients with and without cystic fibrosis
    Salih Macin, Meral Akarca, Burcin Sener, Yakut Akyon
  3. Research article
  Effects of low-molecular weight alcohols on bacterial viability
    Adrian Man, Andrei Şerban Gâz, Anca Delia Mare, Lavinia Berţa
  4. Research article
  Non-invasive quantification of liver fibrosis regression following successful treatment of chronic hepatitis C with direct acting antivirals
    Maria Nițescu, Cristina Vâjâitu, Oana Săndulescu, Adrian Streinu-Cercel, Daniela Pițigoi, Liliana Lucia Preoțescu, Anca Streinu-Cercel
  5. Review
  Innate Immune Mechanisms in Myocardial Infarction - An Update
    Razvan Gheorghita Mares, Goran Marinkovic, Ovidiu Simion Cotoi, Alexandru Schiopu
  6. Short communication
  Epidemiological data and antifungal susceptibility in invasive fungal infections - a Romanian infectious diseases tertiary hospital’s experience. Preliminary report
    Radu Agrosoaie, Adrian Streinu-Cercel, Doina Azoicai, Codrina Bejan, Olga Dorobat, Alexandru Mihai, Mona Popoiu, Alexandru Rafila