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Dr. Adrian Man


Articles from Nr. 2(June)/2015

  1. From primer design to validation of results - is it possible by using free software only?
    Adrian Man, Claudia Bănescu, Minodora Dobreanu, Cornel Fraefel
  2. Factors influencing vitamin K antagonists therapy
    Ioana Brudașcă
  3. Platelet indices in Philadelphia-negative chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms
    Ariela-Ligia Olteanu, Romeo-Gabriel Mihaila, Alina-Camelia Catana, Ofelia Flucus, Cristina Bus, Manuela Mihalache
  4. AGT A-20C (rs5050) gene polymorphism and ulcer occurrence in patients treated with low-dose aspirin: a case-control study
    Anca Negovan, Septimiu Voidăzan, Monica Pantea, Valeriu Moldovan, Simona Bataga, Laurentiu Cozlea, Simona Mocan, Claudia Banescu
  5. Coronary Sinus Lactate as Marker of Myocardial Ischemia in Cardiac Surgery: Correlation with Morbidity and Mortality after Cardiac Surgery
    Victor Raicea, Judit Kovacs, Liviu Moraru, Horatiu Suciu
  6. Performance of an interferon-gamma release assay in the diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis in children
    Olga Adriana Căliman-Sturdza, Doina Mihalache, Cătălina Mihaela Luca
  7. Prenatal diagnosis of triploidy in second trimester of pregnancy: a series of 4 cases over an eleven-year period
    Demetra Socolov, Elena Mihălceanu, Diana Popovici, Eusebiu Vlad Gorduza, Raluca Balan, Violeta Martiniuc, Răzvan Socolov
  8. Co-expression of the CBFβ-MYH11 and BCR-ABL fusion genes in chronic myeloid leukaemia
    Roxana Popescu, Angela Dăscălescu, Cătălin Dănăilă, Doramina Ghiorghiu, Mihaela Zlei, Anca Ivanov, Adriana Sireteanu, Eusebiu Vlad Gorduza, Doina Azoicăi
  9. Severe infections in kidney transplanted children
    Aurel Bizo, Bogdan Bulata
  10. Two Hypospadias Cases in a Family with Translocation Involving Chromosomes X and 21
    Ionela Pașcanu, Claudia Banescu, Simona Huțu, Horea Gozar, Radu Neagoe
  11. Association of “cup-like” blasts morphology with NPM1 mutation in acute myeloid leukemia
    Nicoleta Berbec, Anca Roxana Lupu, Silvana Angelescu, Diana Mandescu, Maria Bari
  12. Thirty years in hemostasis research in Cluj Napoca
    Mircea Cucuianu