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  Articles published by Victor,Cristea
  1 The role of qSOFA score and biomarkers in assessing severity of community-acquired pneumonia in adults
    Authors: Raluca-Elena Tripon, Victor Cristea, Mihaela-Sorina Lupse
  2 Systemic interleukins levels in community-acquired pneumonia and their association with adverse outcomes
    Authors: Raluca Elena Tripon, Ioana Berindan Neagoe, Livia Budisan, Tudor Lucian Pop, Victor Cristea, Liana Maria Stanca, Mihaela Sorina Lupse
  3 Correlation of chronic periodontitis progression with sTREM-1 and E-Cadherin salivary levels
    Authors: Elena-Teodora Tâlvan, Călin Ilie Mohor, Daniel Chisnoiu, Iulian Mihai Făgețan, Constantin-Dan Tâlvan, Victor Cristea, Radu Septimiu Câmpian
  4 Can we find accessible and relevant markers for sepsis outcome?
    Authors: Andreea Paula Cioară, Mirela Flonta, Astrid Binder, Andreea Pop, Violeta Siladi, Nicolae Todor, Victor Cristea, Mihaela Lupse
  5 Coeliac disease and variable immunodeficiency. Case report
    Authors: Samaşca Gabriel, Paraschiva Cherecheş-Panţa, Otilia Fufezan, Dorin Farcău, Dan Gheban, Victor Cristea