RRML - Resistance to antiretroviral therapy in HIV infected patients

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Dr. Adrian Man

Nr. 6(1)/2007

Resistance to antiretroviral therapy in HIV infected patients

Márta Andrea Fodor, Minodora Dobreanu, Rodica Pascu, Monica Sabău


Purpose: to determine the frequency of resistance mutations in patients treated in Mures Regional Center of Monitoring of HIV Infection. Material and methods: We included in our study 24 patients with HIV infection. The resistance testing was performed by viral genotyping in the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases Institute “Prof. Matei Balş”, Bucharest. We also followed the age, the gender, the provenience of patients and the number modifications in CD4 and CD8 lymphocytes and viral load before and after testing. Results: we observed an increase in number of CD4, CD8 lymphocytes, in the CD4/CD8 ratio and a decrease in viral load. The most frequent mutations of resistance were: in the RT gene: M148V, M41L, T215Y, D67N, K70R, Y181C, K103N, and in the PR gene: L10I, I54V, L10V, K20R, M36I, V82A. We observed a great number of resistance/ intermediate sensibility for the following drugs: IDV, RTV, DLV, EFV, NVP, AZT, ABC, NFV, ddC, SQV. Conclusions: repeated, periodical testing of antiretroviral resistance in the ARV treated pactients is necessary for optimal treatment of these patients.

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Fodor MA, Dobreanu M, Pascu R, Sabău M. Resistance to antiretroviral therapy in HIV infected patients. Rev Romana Med Lab. 2007;6(1):15-24